What does it mean to be a weeb?

Well first, let us look at what the word Weeaboo is known to be, it's a slang term for Someone of none Japanese culture whom is yet obsessed with japanese culture. There's more to it then that though, what a Weeaboo truely is and yet not all Weeaboos are, is a transcended being whom was offered immortality but neglected it because it was to cliche. Most Weaboos are a troubled sub species of humans whom find solace in Japanese media so why would you want to convert? Well developing into a weeb offers many benefits such as a new demographic to interact with, an evolved sense of self and you'll start learning how to do stuff yourself as there tends to be no choice in the matter

So lets get started, first you'll need to understand the three N's


a good weeb is a weeb that has no confidence and doubts everything they do, you will get no where in life but at least you wont get the worst outcome towards anything aside from the scenarios in where you can't help but do bad, which is probably all the time


all weebs know to adopt some form of paranoia, it's how you can differentiate yourself unfortunately because of this, if you weren't already then you might become over dramatic


weebs tend to share the individual thought that they are a superior being to any else, particularly those they dub as 'normies'(none weebs). A weeb knows that all of their thoughts are of the best and that there existence is a miracle to those around them although they worry that others do not realise this. You may have come across someone online whom injects their negative opinion wherever it is that they are not asked, they're probably a weeb excersising their superior brain so that you know you're wrong.

So why is it that the three words did not all start with N? If you're asking this then you must be accustoming yourself with the weeb ways in which case then you're totally right, the words not all starting with N doesn't suit your thoughts so the words are stupid. If you think the three words were stupid and/or judgemental then you have what it takes to move on to stage 2