Welcome to stage 3, why are you still here?

it seems that you're intent on throw weebing out your life or maybe making sure you know how not to do that

Now comes the most important part, The waifu analysis.

what is a waifu you ask? Well a waifu is the common weebs significant other

first things first, there's a universal rule that no matter who you are your waifu is bad and you have bad tastes.

Because of the above rule, weebs are constantly initiating war to defend there waifu's honor. Thus the waifu wars, the most brutal happening in all of time.

There is a long lasting problem amidst all these tears shed, a problem which is that no matter how dedicated someone is to their waifu they always change their mind and pick another, many waifus have been forgotten. Luckily there is another title, one given to only the best that is: Best girl. To bad people also change their minds when it comes to that

every month more Waifus are forgotten and that can't be allowed to continue, there needs to be more people finding waifus and fighting people over which Waifu is better. Enlist now!
Waifu Finder
(there are some better places to visit but they're not all authorized)