Welcome to stage 2. We now enter the mangaverse

If for some reason you're unaware, Manga is pretty much just Japanese style comics and anime being cartoons

The phases of a weeaboo

as you are now walking along the weebs path, it's necessary to understand the phases of which the typical weeb will go through

  1. A weeb will first go through the process of conversion in which they may watch there first anime, it'd seem not to bad and in fact rather quite good. Thats because what the newblood would be experiencing is a form of media different from what they've encountered before and as such it sucks them in
  2. You'd of now been sucked into the vortex, the newblood will now start scanning for interesting anime, searching the internet and then soon realising that there is dedicated websites for this stuff. From here on out begins the binge watching phase in which the newblood will spend far to much time watching the big shounen that everyone's going crazy about
  3. By now you'd of traveled through your binge phase, depending on how large the series you'd been watching is you may now be watching it interchangebly, caught on to its repetition and gotten sick of it or maybe you've cheated the process and have already caught up/finished it. After the binge watching phase comes the split phase for both the male and femal newblood, the female will of found some sports anime in which they subconciously squeal at the animated men undressing whilst the male newblood will of found their first harem in which they think to themselves that they are the protagonist and imagine that a bunch of girls like them. From this phase onwards, the newblood becomes the weeb and is forbidden a normal life.
  4. Now the weeb will of watched a good bit of anime probably around 20 odd series finished, they're telling their friends about it, they're calling themselves Otaku's and are bragging about the 100 series they think they've watched
  5. By now you'd of seen a good bit of yapping on Manga>Anime and have decided to try it for yourself...
  6. The weeb has entered their transcendancy phase, everyone is an amateur. People are calling you elitist scum for some reason, probably just jealous of your ability to call out on what is bad in manga
  7. By now the weeb has reached all new heights, they've somewhat reverted to a decent human being yet still resorting to their weeb ways, You're now ready to be far to important to care. Just chill~

The phases can alter for everyone but the ending results are typically the same, except for the fact that you're better then everyone so they can't get the same end as you

The mangaverse is a dangerous place before you move on you'll need to know where you're treading

an analysis of the mangaverse planets as follows-

.4koma: Pages are in comic strip format with 4 panels on each page arranged top to bottom, often accompanied by comedy.

.Comedy: It's funny dude.

.Drama: It's dramatic dude.

.Harem: Love triangles.

.Lolicon: Jail time(it's young girls and supposedly sexual).

.Martial arts: Stuff that involves martial arts.

.Music: No there's not audio, there may be characters signing, you wont hear it unless you're watching anime.

.Romance: It's Love dude apart from when it isn't.

.Shotacon: More jail time(it's young boys and supposedly sexual).

.Shounen Ai: Boy Love(homosexual).

.Shoujo Ai: Same as above but with girls.

.Yaoi: Intense boy love.

.Yuri: Intense girls love.

.Supernatural: Awesome powers and events that should not exist.

.Action: It's combat dude.

.Ecchi: Fan service.

.Historical: It's the past dude.

.Mature: ma15+ or more, otherwise just something that requires a brain.

.Mystery: It's a mystery as to what mystery could be.

.School Life: A school setting.

.Shounen: Content suited towards young males.

.Shoujo: Content suited towards young females.

.Seinen: Content suited towards the older male audience.

.Josei: Content suited towards the older female audience.

.Slice of life: A scenario or setting comparable to life as we know it the story in this scenario may tend to follow the day to day life of characters.

.Tragedy: This tag indicates prominant loss and unfortunate events.

.Adult: Content suitable for only adults.

.Cooking: It probably has something to do with cooking.

.Fantasy: Magic and mysticism, Dragons and Cat girls.

.Horror: Spooky scary stuff with possibly terryfying themes and with being manga there is no boundaries, tread carefully.

.Mecha: It's robot stuff dude.

.One Shot: A one shot is a short series typically one chapter, if a one shot gets enough praise then the author may renew it as a larger series.

.Sci-fi: It's science and fiction dude.

.Smut: Illict and offensive themes.

.Adventure: It's travelling dude.

.Doujinshi: Self published work, amongst these are fan productions based upon existing work.

.Gender Bender: Things are not as they seem.

.Psychology: It's the mentality dude, the themes are usually intense and can involve suicidal tendencies or mental illness.

.Sports: It's sports... Dude.

That's all that's relevant, there are other planets but they're all pretty poor and much irrelevant. There's other relevant categorisations;not genre's such as Manwha which is essentialy Korean Manga and Manhua being chinese and these two tend to be coloured unlike manga.

now moving on to stage 3